We are experts in drafting and obtaining strong patents that protect your business. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, global brands, family businesses, and start-ups. 

Custom-tailored Patents

We work hard to understand your business and investigate your competition.   We then formulate a cost effective strategy that will protect investment and provide leverage in the market.

Valuable Patents Have Strong Claims

A patent is only as valuable as it’s claims. Do the claims cover your product? Your competitor’s product? Do they address potential design arounds? Expert claim drafting is our core strength and focus because it will define the value of your patent. Understanding your invention and your business allows us to answer these questions and prepare valuable patent claims.

We Advocate For You

Preparing a robust disclosure and valuable claim set is only half the battle. After an application is filed, we zealously advocate on your behalf  at the US Patent Office to ensure that you obtain the broadest patent grant in the shortest amount of time. In almost every US case, we advocate on your behalf directly with the Examiner. We also maintain an extensive network of IP firms outside the US that work closely with foreign patent offices to represent you on all fronts.

Technical Expertise

Here are some representative technologies in which we have patent experience.

Medical Devices

Implants, custom cranial implants, suture anchors, suture anchor guides, fabrication of medical implants, catheters, temperature probes, and endoscopes.

Mechanical Devices and Processes

Selective laser sintering devices, grinders, extruders, valves, bearings, aerospace systems, automotive accessories, music instruments and stands, sporting goods, toys, robotics, powder coating, manufacturing processes, furniture, and dental devices.

Computer, Electrical, Hardware & Software

Antennas, augmented reality and virtual reality, user Interfaces, database structure, digital security, social media, networking, internet business model, business methods, wearables and physiological monitoring devices, video signal processing, integrated medical equipment, and control systems.

Biotech, Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Polymers, polarylketones, chemical compounds, high temperature selective laser sintering, pharmaceuticals compounds, coatings, sulfonated polyetherketoneketones, materials science, petroleum engineering and extraction, and alternative energy sources.

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Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, global brands, family businesses, and start-ups from around the world.